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    April 15, 2013
    7:00 - 7:30pm PDT  

. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is bay area news at 7:00. >> good evening, it's monday, april 15th. i'm gasia mikaelian, and this is bay area news at 7:00. a horrific attack in boston, twin bomb brothers and sisters targeting innocent bystanders gathered near the finish line in the boston marathon. it's now been seven hours since the explosions and this is what we know so far. there are now three people confirmed dead including an eight-year-old child. at least 130 people are injured with nearly a dozen people having limbs amputated. the fbi is nfthing the bombings as a terror attack, but it's not clear whether it was domestic or
foreign. cnn reports both bombs were small suggest they were crude devices with no sooid signs of high-grade explosive material. at this point no suspects have been arrested but police say many people have been questioned. our jana was anchoring the ktvu news when those boems went off. she's been monitoring the feeds and now joins us. >> the fbi just announced this hour it is taking the lead in this investigation. they are not confirming, though, whether there is a person of interest being questioned, which has been reported by several news organization today. also new, we have learned that some boston-area doctors say that they have pulled shrapnel and ball bearings out of some of the victims who were caught in this terrible attack. >> two blasts turned the boston
marathon's finish line into a scene of chaos and panic. the bombs about 550 feet and seconds apart near a line of international flags were so powerful they shattered nearby windows and knocked nearby spectators and runners off their feet. witnesses saw people on the ground crying for help, many who lost limbs. >> it was horrible. the scene that you saw, it was freaking horrible. we are all trying to put pressure on all the wounds for everybody, tourniquets and whatever we could do. >> emergency responders swarmed in rushing to help the injured and get them to waiting balances along boylston street. other people bloodied in the bash were rushed to medical tents. some did not survive. >> there were a few that didn't unfortunately make it, and we do have those people here in the tent. >> the bombs exploded about four hours into the marathon when most of the 27,000 runners had finished. thousands still had not, leaving
families and friends searching and praying for their loved ones. officials shut down cell phone service in the area to prevent remote detonation as investigators looked for other possible bombs. >> we still do not know who did this or why, and people shouldn't jump to conclusions before we have all the facts, but make no mistake, we will get to the bottom of this, and we will find out who did this, and we'll find out why they did this. >> a senior u.s. intelligent official says that two other explosive devices were found undetonated near the finish line. all of this comes on patriot's day observed in massachusetts that marks the start of the revolutionary war back in 1775, and many people are noticing that other somber tragedies have occurred on or near patriot's day in the past such as waco, the oklahoma city bombing, and columbine. live in the news room, gasia, back to you. >> at this point authorities have not yet said they consider
today's bombings the result of a lone wolf or an organized group. here in the bay area officials in san francisco say there's been no specific threat to the city, but they are on high alert as a caution. the police chief greg suhr said he is keeping officers on overtime through the evening commute and bringing others in early tomorrow. san francisco has put its emergency operations center on standby. the boston attack comes as san francisco is preparing for big crowds next month and the america's cup regatta this summer. >> we will look at all of our plans for up come coming events with regard to public safety and, again, we'll make sure those plans are as tight as they ef ever been. >> chief suhr says he expects more than the usual number of reports of suspicious packages over the next several days. oakland police this evening say they have doubled the nirm of officers at tonight's a's and warriors games at the coliseum. police say they conducted a sweep of the two facilities
using bomb-sniffing dogs. they checked trash cans and other receptacles around the stadium and arena. there have been no threats but still adding security as a precaution. news of the deadly bombing in boston sparked immediate response in washington dc where officials quickly tightened security outside the white house. secret service agents lined pennsylvania avenue outside the white house with security tape and pedestrians across the street. the president called the boston mayor and massachusetts governor and offered any assistance they need today respond to the bombing. british police say they're now reviewing their security, however, they don't expect to have to add security to the funeral for margaret thatcher this wednesday. they say the two events are quite different and extensive security is already in place for the funeral. dozens if not hundreds of bay area roun runners are in boston taking part in today's marathon. talked to one man whose wife worked in the reyes. >> brett rivers is trying to concentrate on work, a job he loved in mill value slee, but
his mind is where the love of his life is, the boston marathon. >> my first resaks this, is my wife okay? weir four months pregnant with our first child, and she's in boston right now for work at part of marketing at the boston marathon. >> both he and his wife have run the marketing marathon several times and even after seeing the after math of a deadly explosion at the finish line, he still believes in what he calls a great event. >> it's an incredible event. it's an incredible sporting event to see boston, the city really comes out for it. it's a state holiday there. it's patriot day there, and, yeah, i hope to go back one day. >> many runners braved blusly conditions at the marina green today, some just to get out of the house and reflect. >> and then i came out here and just wanted to run and i'm so grateful that i can be out here and my heart goes out to everybody and i just think that it's just unbelievably tragic. >> brett rivers also plans to hit the pavement tonight and think about what it'll feel like
tomorrow when his pregnant wife is finally in his arms safe. >> it'll be great to have them back home. >> i also talked with the san francisco road runners club. it's the largest running club in the city. they told me they had 14 runners in the boston marathon, and they're all okay. in san francisco, lorraine, ktvu channel 2 news. hundreds of people witnessed the horrific attack in boston. one man said that he had actually stepped back from the finish line to get a better vantage point to take pictures of family members completing the reyes. >> a bomb went off and knocked me to the ground and then, you know, everybody started running, panicking, and my first instinct, i knew where the bomb went off and they were standing right there. i start today go back that way towards it and another bomb went off and then i -- i fell to the ground again. people running, you know, you were getting trampled and stuff. it was horrible. the scene that you saw, it was freaking horrible. >> he said his father suffered leg injuries as we've learned so did dozens of others.
he says he tried to help some victims by putting pressure on their wounds until paramedics can get to them. . here's a time line now out of how the day unfolded. the marathon started at 9:00 a.m.. the elite women started at 9:32 with the winner crossing the finish line at 11:58 a.m.. the elite men began at 10:00 a.m. with the first man finishing ten after noon then at 2:50 p.m. eastern came the first blast and seconds later a second explosion. thousands of runners were still on the course at the time. they were redirected away from the triage area tfshths washington dc, both the house and senate observed a moment of silence for the boston individuals. there were also words of praise for first responders. several members said they're being briefed by federal officials on the investigation. more coverage of the attack for you in seven minutes including a live report in boston. explosions in boston contributed to boston's worst
day since november of last year. the dow industrial lost 265 points falling about 1.8%. nasdaq plum etted 78 points, a decline of 2.3%. it's the largest one-day drop since november 7th. the steep drop in commodities sets the tone for today's dismal day. the shine of gold is suddenly a bit duller. the price of gold fell $140 today to $1,361. that's the biggest one-day drop we've seen in more than 30 years. gold hit its all-time high just two years ago. experts say fears of a financial meltdown faded. the risk of inflation is low and rising stock prices offer an alternate investment. federal prosecutors accused arn oes coast security trader of an involvement in a scheme involving apple stock that cost his employer about $5 million. the trader, david miller of new york state, pleaded guilty to conspiracy and fraud charges. prosecutors say he took part in an unauthorized purchase of
about $1 billion in apple stock. his attorney said he regrets his actions and the harm they caused. federal investigators are levelling strong criticism at chevron for failing to replace ageing equipment at its richmond refinery before last summer's massive fire. u.s. chemical safety board investigators say the walls of the pipes that burst had thinned to about half the thickness of a dime. investigators say chevron repeatedly overlooked the problem and has a culture of, quote, waiting for things to break. investigators called for increased regulatory oversight pointing out cal osha conducted three inspections lasting only 150 hours in total in the six years before this fire. none of the inspections resulted in citations nor fines. today is tax day and uncle sam expects to hear from you by midnight. either turn in those tax forms or file an extension. a sign of the changing times here, five bay area post offices scheduled extended hours for tonight. see more than 80% of taxpayers
now file online, but still post office workers say they usually see a last-minute flurry of activity right before that midnight deadline. >> it's guaranteed we'll be crazy like it was the last several years since i've been doing this job and people will be rushing in at the last minute right before midnight handing in their tax returns. >> in san francisco the main post office there on evans street are scheduled to stay open till midnight. down in san jose the post office is open till 10:00 and the oakland post office on 7th street is open till 10:00, as well. up in petaluma the post office is scheduled to have curb side service until 8:00. the parents of 15-year-old audrie pott held an emotional news conference today. they say they plan to file a civil suit against the families of the three 16-year-old boys who allegedly assaulted their daughter while she was drunk and passed out at a labor day party
last year. smven also distributed pictures of the incident. audrie's mother said they want the boys to remain in custody and be tried as adults. >> sexual assault is an adult crime. these boys distributed the pictures to humiliate and further bully my daughter. >> attorneys for the accused boys have said the accusations have been exaggerated and in some cases inaccurate. they urge the public to reserve judgment and regard them as innocent until proven otherwise. the search is on tonight for the driver who crashed a stolen car into a staples store? pleasant hill early this morning. we have a photo here to share with you. police say the honda had been stolen from uc berkeley yesterday. anyone with information is asked to call police. were today's twin bombings in boston the work of terrorists? a live update from the scene with what investigators are now saying about what happened. >> he was gasping for breath. >> a young boy on a baseball
diamond near death after being struck by a ball. the he roik action that saved his life. a wind advisory in effect right now. that's why it's so clear outside. the winds are still howling. when do they die down and when do things warm up? i'm back here in just a few minutes. i'll have the details.
. construction work started today in san jose on the much-anticipated silicon valley bart expansion project. right now the work is taking place on hof setter boulevard between lun di avenue and friken jer avenue. for the next seven to nine months crews will be digging a trench. traffic lanes are going to be reconfigured and a new bike lane is going to be added. there are going to be some delays in the area. the work is part of the ten-mile extension project bringing bart to san jose. turning back now to the
tragedy at the boston marathon. this video we're showing you new was actually taken by a photographer for the boston globe. you saw there the moment of first explosion of the bomb right near the finish line of the reyes then a second bomb explodes just seconds later. we know now that at least three people have been killed, more than 130 people have been injured. several of those injuries, children. our continuing coverage of today's tragedy, zane asher joins us live now from boston. zane. >> yeah. we're here on what has turned out to be an unbelievably somber and tragic day in the city of boston. three people now dead after two explosions detonated at the finish line of the boston marathon, one of them an eight-year-old boy. terror in boston. >> something just blew up [ screaming ] . >> two explosions within seconds
of each other near the finish line of the boston marathon. >> i heard a noise. i've never heard anything as loud as that in my entire life and felt the ground shake like nothing ever before. >> the deadly blast knocked runners off their feet and triggered mass chaos. >> obviously there are many people in the crowd who were severely injured. it was -- it was just quite a -- a scene to see, something obviously that you never want to see or never imagined you isle see. >> massachusetts governor deval patrick called it a horrific day in boston and is calling on residents to be hypervigilant. >> please report suspicious packages or parcels or suspicious activity to local law inforcement. >> the investigation is ongoing involving the fbi along with state and local officials. >> we're working diligently to gather information and gatt every all the facts and bring those who are responsible for this crime to justice as soon as
possible. >> president obama also vowed to seek justice and promised boston would heal. >> boston is a tough and resilient town. so are its people. i'm supremely confident that bostonians will pull together, take care of each other and move forward as one proud city. >> the focus is, of course, on trying to find out who did this and why so far nobody has been detained. guys. >> thank you. news of the attacks in boston sent people straight to twitter in many cases. we have one of the first pictures tweeted out from the scene to share with you now. the san francisco-based service reported the spike in service just minutes after the bombing. the first platform to report the news of the attack. several use the sight to post pictures of the scene and to let their family and friends know they are okay. law firm add new web page to help friends and family communicate with loved ones in boston. it's called google person
finder. it allows others to let others know they're safe. you can find a link by going to you can also share your condolences and thoughts on our ktvu channel 2 facebook page. we post third-degree i love boston badge there as have many of our viewers showing their report. a remarkable story about how a freak accident at a children's baseball game can turn tragic. how the quick actions of parents saved an eight-year-old's life after his heart stopped beating. >> dan and sue are parent who luckily also happen to be paramedics. they were watching their son's cal rip ken baseball league game saturday when his teammate 8-year-old matthew hinly was hit in the chest by what was described as a not especially nas pitch thrown by another young boy. >> we could hear him get hit, and we were signature out in right field. >> math you got a few steps up the first baseline, then collapsed. >> he had a ball mark right there in the center of his chest. >> they went into paramedic
mode. >> he was gasping for breath. we were assessing him. folks were calling 911. >> susan gave chest compressions like this for five full minutes while dan, a paramedic with the petaluma fire department, gave the boy mouth-to-mouth resuscitation until firefighters arrived with a defib ril later. matthew's heart began beating again. >> he would have either been badly brain damaged or possibly dead. >> he's now in good condition at oakland children's hospital. the paramedics say the ball struck him in such a way, it interrupted his heartbeat. the baseball league says it hopes to get four defib ril laters over the next few weeks, one at each field. >> i think it's a great idea to have them available not only for the players, but for each player, there's a parent. >> the parents of the recovering boy call td them heroes. >> we were just here at the right time, and it's as much of a blessing if not more for us. >> the paramedics say everyone can and should learn cpr, that it really does save lives.
rob ross, ktvu channel 2 news. coming up we're going to update the situation in boston after today's deadly marathon bombing. also here at home blusterly conditions all around the bay causing major headaches tonight in at least one neighborhood. as we mentioned the wind is also bringing a bit of a chill, but warm weather is about to return. our chief meteorologist bill martin will let us know when we can expect as much as 15-degree warmup. you kids should count yourselves lucky.
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. we have new video here of a giant tree brafrnl that came crashing down in fremont this evening. according to fremont fire officials, there is major structural and electrical problem here, a lot of damages we're showing you. we've just learned 16 units in this apartment building have been yellow tagged because of the damage. that means resident ks go in to get gather belongings but can't stay inside. the brafrm fell just before 5:00 this evening. the apartment build sg at mowry avenue. our chief meteorologist told us about this possibility for wind last week but said it wasn't going to be like anything we just had. >> yeah. the gusts were much higher. the wind gusts today were still up in the mid 40s and 50 mile an hour range. that wind advisory still in effect but it goes away shortly, too. 24 mile an hour winds in oakland. right now hsuan fran 33 mile an
hour winds. strong winds continue tonight into tomorrow morning. it's going to make for a very cool evening. as the winds die down that cool air is in place now. temperatures are going to get down upper 30s, maybe mid 30s, mid 40s, kind of in there and maybe some frost showing up some inland locations, which we haven't seen in awhile. it's going to be cooler than you're used to tomorrow morning as the kids head to school, you head to work, temperatures will be done. tomorrow morning not going to be as windy today, but it's breezy tomorrow. in the morning it's breezy. in the afternoon it's still kind of breezy, not really unusual for this time. 31 is a little high for this time of year. they start warming tomorrow then work their way up as we go into the bay area weekend. yellows are 70. these are forecast highs tomorrow. greens are 60. i think tomorrow it's all about mid and upper 60s. nice day. tree pollens are trending high. we talked about that and with the breezy conditions it'll be kind of one of those days for
pollen sufferers. you know what i'm talking about if you suffer from allergies. it's going to be like that for a few years now. 68 in brentwood. everybody just under 70, but i wouldn't be surprised if a place like eastern livermore out by mrez santon, you could hit 70 degrees in a couple places. 67 in mill peedz tomorrow and then 63 in daly city and 65 in san mateo. your five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view, no rain in sight. when i come back tonight at 10:00 we'll update this forecast. >> we'll see you then. thank you, bill. before we go we'd like to update you on the situation still unfolding in boston tonight. here is what we know right now. those bombings are killed three people and injured more than 130 others. so far no one has claimed responsibility for the attack but a white house official says it is being treated as an act of terrorism. we thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news
breaks. i'm gasia mikaelian, and our coverage continues with the 10:00 news and tonight we are staying on the story of the boston bombing. we'll have more from eyewitnesss and the search for the people responsible. we're always here for you at tmz is up next here on tv 36. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to keep from driving all over for the best deals. you don't need to run around. safeway gives you real big club card deals each week. this week, a crazy low price on tide, $10.99 for 100 ounces. skip the warehouse. quilted northern is $10.99 for 24 double rolls.
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